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Electronic Cigarettes Comparison Chart

Compare the Green Smoke electronic cigarette to Other Electric Cigarettes

 Green Smoke® Electronic Cigarettes

Other E-Cigarettes


 Elegantly designed with only 2 components that screw into one another.

Comes in 3 or more components that take time and effort to assemble.

One-step cartridge replacement: Unscrew battery from old cartridge and screw onto new one.

Requires many steps to replace cartridge: Disassemble mouthpiece, pull out old cartridge, insert new one, and screw mouthpiece back on.

The atomizer is integrated into the disposable cartridge along with the nicotine pad, and is always renewed with each replacement.

The atomizing mechanism is a not disposable and loses performance as it gets clogged with use.

Nicotine pad is built into cartridge: You never need to touch it, and it never leaks.

Wet nicotine pad needs to be unwrapped and inserted manually into mouthpiece, leaving a leaky mess and your fingers wet.


Overall size, shape and colour closely resemble a traditional cigarette.  Much longer in size and comes in non-traditional shapes and colours.

Has a texture similar to traditional cigarette.

Feels like a piece of cheap gadgetry encased in plastic.

Has a realistic LED at the tip that glows bright when inhaling, just like a lit cigarette

The LED is weak and hardly noticeable.

You get a strong and deep breath of smoke-like vapor that resembles smoke even when exhaling.

The vapor created is weak and is hardly noticeable, especially after exhaling.



All parts that are exposed to your lips or breath are replaced with each cartridge.

The atomizing chamber is never disposed, and often even the mouthpiece is also reused, creating a perfect environment for all sorts of bacteria to flourish.

The fresh sensation continues as you renew it with every new cartridge.

The longer the unit is used, the more residue it collects inside, creating a musty, stale odor, along with reduced performance.

GreenSmoke cartridges come in 5 aromatic flavours to match many tastes and moods including: tobacco, vanilla , chocolate, menthol, clove and coffee.  Cartridges are colour coded for better usability.

Cartridges are not colour coded and are hard to assemble.



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Electronic Cigarette Pro Kit
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