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Join Over 3.5 Million E-Cigarette Users Worldwide.


Discover an unmatched electronic cigarette vaping experience.  Enjoy e-cig flavour blends made with tobacco extracts.  All the pleasure of vaping, without unpleasant odours or ash. With seven e-cigarette flavour blends and five nicotine levels, you can find the perfect eCig for you. Learn why we've sold more than 38,997,650 electronic cigarette products.

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Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Starter kits provide you with everything you need to start vaping.  You also get a huge discount when purchasing a starter kit, versus buying the same products individually. Best of all? Our starter kits are guaranteed. If you are not satisfied for any reason whatsoever, you can get all of your money back, with no bother or fuss.



Which flavour blend is right for you?

Ready to go, but unsure about which flavour blend or nicotine level to choose? No worries - we’ve got you covered. Do you have simple tastes (and are only satisfied with the best) or sophisticated tastes (and need something more stimulating)? Do you like bold or subtle flavour blends ? Do you want only tobacco flavour blends  or something a little different? Whatever you like, we have what you need. Discover your flavour blend now.


What is a Green Smoke® E-Cigarette?

With Green Smoke® e-cigarettes you get an unmatched vaping sensation,  including thick, realistic vapour and pleasurable flavour blends.  Just take a puff and savour the taste.


The Green Smoke® digital cigarette comprises a battery and a cartridge. The e-cig battery provides power, and includes a 3.7V lithium ion battery cell, a smart chip and an LED light - all encased in durable steel alloy. The e-liquid in the cartridge contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavour blends and nicotine.


When you take a drag, you activate the smart chip (or sensor). The smart chip turns the battery on, and the battery heats up the element (located inside the cartridge). The element in turn “cooks” the e-cigarette liquid (also in the cartridge), turning the liquid into a vapour. Inside that vapour are fantastic flavour blends.


This whole process happens in a matter of milliseconds, providing you with an enjoyable experience. You get great taste and loads of vapour, without any unpleasant odour, ash, or butts. 

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